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Reading and believing, or not.

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Reading and believing, or not.

Reading is not always believing that's for sure, whether it's a piece by an editor or one of their hacks - and don't we know it and if any sense is to be made it can be wise move to check out the writer. Some are known as trusted of course like Clive James who used to write funny and perceptive reviews on television programs for the Guardian.

I was checking out a review earlier on a film I fancied watching on cokencorn and the first two I came across were, funnily enough, from the selfsame publication but where one thought the film was an exercise in boredom, the other described it as "gruelling and gripping".

I dunno, guess the proof of the pudding and all that.....

PS. Watched that movie, 10/10 Thumbs Up


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Re: Reading and believing, or not.

Film and TV critics are (probably) also food critics... they use the same rhetoric, just to "grab the headline".. and in doing so, they hope their editor will think... " what a good chappy.... give him a pay rise..."!


when reading Film and Tv reviews.... think Marmite.....   ! 


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Re: Reading and believing, or not.

I rarely read film reviews and definitely not before a major epic I want to see at the cinema.


Having said that I find that the more negative the review the more I want to see itCheesy

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