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Rats .....

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Rats .....

Get your rat food here  Grin
JR Farm Rat Feast  Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley
JR Farm Rat Feast is a complete food mix for rats with fruit and vegetables.
The varied blend of ingredients and added dose of shrimp make this premium rat food a tasty choice for everyday feeding.
Maize, flaked maize, wheat, extruded cereals, oats, meat pellets, wheat flakes, locust beans, spelt, flaked peas, cracked wheat, sunflower seeds, carrot, oat clusters, vitamised oats, shrimp (1%)
JR Farm Rat Feast (1 Review)
Excellent quality: "This food went down a treat with my 2 boys. They can be quite picky but they really liked this. They eat every last bit. They especially liked it mixed.."

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Re: Rats .....

I think Helen and Julie are the same people. There appears to be someone who is writing a lot of reviews on that site or all the customers have remarkably similar styles of writing reviews.
I feel a bag of mixed conspiracy theory food coming on for my boys.