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Rapid Response ' Fake News ' Unit

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Rapid Response ' Fake News ' Unit

The Government is to establish a new unit to counter ' fake news ' . Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea?


At the very least, the new unit has to be independent of government. If it isn't, then its very existence will become problematic. What may be considered 'fake news' to May and her unit may not be thought so by opponents. And when one of her politicians inaccurately claims something – whether on purpose or accidentally – will the unit reprimand them in the same way?

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Re: Rapid Response ' Fake News ' Unit

As you say for a government to take this on they could end up on pretty rocky ground with many possible repercussions.

The new unit could end up becoming the news.

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Re: Rapid Response ' Fake News ' Unit

The government issue fake news themselves, they come up with some idea and then  arrange for it to be leaked in some way to test the response of the public to the idea.

If there is a massive negative response then the idea is dropped and they can say we have no intention of implementing idea x what a great bunch of folk we are with your interests at heart.

If there is little negative response then the idea goes ahead but released at the same time as something more topical is in the news.


Me, paranoid ? Where did you get that idea from ?


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Re: Rapid Response ' Fake News ' Unit

So, if fake news is banned, can we ban fake tans too? It'll be funny to see trumpaloompa in his pasty white scottish immigrant natural colours... Funny