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Ransom try on?

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Re: Ransom try on?

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As for Hotmail, I am unhappy with the prospect of all my communications sitting os an American web server, be it owned by Microsoft or Google.

If you have an aversion to Google why install their authenticator app?

Because there's a difference between using Authenticator to generate a single use code for use on a different machine and storing all my emails on a server located in the USA.

It's not an aversion to Google, it's horses for courses.

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Re: Ransom try on?

ooh, haven't had one of these since last year, and it still made me laugh given I have no webcams, and that my passwords look nothing like that one they quoted in the email, I especially like how they say I can "life my live" in peace... Funny

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Re: Ransom try on?

Like many other people I have several email addresses, the main one is kept for personal use and a second one (Zoho mail) for general use which does attract the odd scam email but most of that automatically goes into the spam folder.

What I have found useful are the 24 hour email addresses, often use these to register or buy something, keeping a copy of any relevant details.

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Re: Ransom try on?

I seem to remember a similar, and somewhat apocryaphal, story from way back along the following lines;

Bad guys (in an Email): We are from the KGB and have photo of you and secretary in compromising sexual arrangement: We want $1000. if not we we send photos to your wife.

Victim (after some time and by return email) How big are these photos?

Bad Guys: photos are 5" x 4" and you are in a very bad sexual compromising situation.

Victim: My wife want to know how much you would charge for 10" x 8"s

Silence followed

To the original poster, my advice would be to just delete the offending email.  It is probably just a random broadcast hoping or a reply (for some reason)