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RIPA - what a surprise

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RIPA - what a surprise
Assistant Commissioner John Yates of the Metropolitan Police Service [revealed] that the MPS has obtained legal advice from a leading QC which, if applied in practice, means that unread spam messages receive a high level of privacy protection under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) whereas read private email messages of immense confidentiality do not receive any privacy protection from RIPA.
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Re: RIPA - what a surprise

Sounds like perverse advice to me.  Surely the transmission is complete, when the email (or voice mail) reaches your in-box (not necessarily when it's read) . By that reasoning, a letter isn't delivered until it's been opened and read. So if you don't want to acknowledge bad news, just don't open the envelope!
Clearly RIPA was intended to protect people's privacy throughout the communication process, as well as in other areas.  It's the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, and doesn't apply to newspaper reporters anyway, so the whole News of the World hacking thing is a complete red herring.
And before slagging off RIPA too much, remember that prior to RIPA there was no control over how enforcement bodies, such as the Police,checked up on people. So they could follow anyone, for any reason, without getting any sort of permission, or justifying it in any way.  Without RIPA, education officers who followed parents home to find out where they lived, were doing nothing wrong! (and before someone raises the terror card - no it's not and never was anti-terrorist legislation)

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Re: RIPA - what a surprise

I've a narrow view on the fuzz. I don't mind them and they need not mind me. I had a run in with them years ago. It didn't work out too well for them unfortunately but I've learnt that aswell as good plods there are also some real determind nasty ones out there.
I now see it like this: I don't bother them, they don't bother me. Simplez.
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