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RIP The Queen's English Society

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RIP The Queen's English Society

Sad news - they're giving up the fight.
Ironic that the Guardian headline uses the word 'anymore' when they mean 'any more'.  Sad
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Re: RIP The Queen's English Society

I was watching an episode of QI on Youtube recently and one of the questions was about English and how eventually the most popular English version will be umm, I can't recall the correct term for it, but it's the language used when English is a 2nd language, you go (for instance) to a cafe in China and say "I'd like a cup of tea please" and the server wouldn't understand your perfectly good English, along comes a person who speaks the broken English and asks for a cup of tea in that version of English and it's understood.  English, the language, is no longer the domain of the English, it's a world wide language so maybe it's us who speak English as a 1st language who need to figure out where we belong in the world when more widespread English dialects are err... more widespread?