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RIP Heinz

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RIP Heinz

yes wrong Heinz Grin  but used love to watch him on TV Heinz Wolff Embarrassed

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Re: RIP Heinz

A bit of an eccentric.....  

Actually, I thought you were on about the "pop star guitarist"   of  the group "The Tornadoes"...  who was , actually pelted with baked beans, while he was on tour with Gene Vincent, and Jerry Lee Lewis

"Audiences did not take to him, and he was attacked on stage and had beans thrown over him (to a contemporary audience 'Heinz' would have been associated with Heinz Baked Beans)."

( quote from Wikipedia )

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Re: RIP Heinz

Yes, when I saw the title of this thread, I feared Heinz baked beans were being discontinued.

I'd almost forgotten this man existed; I don't think he's done much TV in recent years (not surprising since he was 89).  I do like people with great knowledge who love their subject and present with enthusiasm.