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R2D2 coming to a hospital near you.. maybe.

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R2D2 coming to a hospital near you.. maybe.

RD-D2 zaps away the superbugs: Hospital trials roving 'Star Wars' robot that uses UV light to kill bacteria
    Emits UV light to penetrate through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and destroy their DNA
    $67,000 robot being tested in dozens of other hospitals across the US

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Incredible stuff!
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Re: R2D2 coming to a hospital near you.. maybe.

Well well,, whatever will they think of next ?Huh
Can't beat the good olde fashioned hygiene routine in the 1st instance
as someone so aptly said
Here is a thought: in the bygone days when NHS Matrons ruled their hospital wards with pride and professionalism the standards of hygiene was much higher.

Detol, kills 99.9% of bugs, FACT... and cheaper

Why waste money on tech & make more unemployment issues / that creates poverty ?Huh
Give me a UV wand & I'll do the job for them at a reasonable wage