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Question about ping and distance

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Question about ping and distance

Hi guys, From Amsterdam i got 170 ping to singapore servers and the distance to singapore is 10.500km (6524 miles). But from Amsterdam to Taipei my ping is 250, and the distance to Taipei is 9.448km (5870 miles).

I thought the longer the distance the higher my ping is. Does anybody know why my ping to the Taipei server is higher?

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Re: Question about ping and distance

Quality of the line and the route taken have an effect on ping timings.

Try a tracert on the two sites. That will show the number of hops involved, the route taken and where the speed loss is.

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Re: Question about ping and distance

Like Champnet says.. it depends on line speed, quality, server speed, how busy the server is etc. You might have lots of really fast servers between you and the target and one very slow server - which creates a larger ping time.

Distance means nothing.

Same goes with http download speeds.

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Re: Question about ping and distance

As other have mentioned it depends on routing, servers. It also depends if cables, links etc are down and your destination having to be re-routed via other links. Underwater Internet Links  There are also sites that will tell you if cables are down (for whatever reason). e.g. one country I go online with, Vietnam, frequently has underwater cable problems.

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