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Programmers who use spaces 'paid more'

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Programmers who use spaces 'paid more'

Computer programmers who use spaces as part of their coding earn $15,370 (£12,000) more per year than those who use tabs, a survey of developers has revealed.

I should be a millionaire with the amount of COBOL I've written in the past Grin

I must have been really bad in a previous life. This is my 3rd ISP in a row that uses lithium.
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Re: Programmers who use spaces 'paid more'

No point using the tab, I find they're an annoyance in web programming because if you edit a file in cpanel for example it usually messes up the format of it when it was edited locally in another program. It's a menace.

Spaces are much easier to work with. First thing I do on any new code i work with is to replace all tabs with 3 spaces.

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