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Press Intrusion on privacy

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Press Intrusion on privacy

Last week some chap got a life sentence for a murder which he committed 20 odd years ago and was caught as a result of DNA.

The press showed a photo of him which seems fair enough but it also showed a photograph of his wife whom he had married years after the murder and she knew nothing about it as did none of his friends and relatives.

It seems wrong to me that they showed a picture of a innocent woman whilst other people who are guilty of inappropriate behaviour can get gagging orders even preventing their names from being released

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Re: Press Intrusion on privacy

Yeah... it`s all about "padding out" a story to give it some "human factor" that helps to sell newspapers...  I dislike the way that the press/media think they have a "god given right" to publish anything about anybody in the name of "public interest", when really it is more for their own "self interest" and "self promotion".


Personal privacy has been eroded over time, and probably more so, since the age of T.V. reporting started, when it was deemed appropriate to widen the scope of a "news item" to fill the news slot on the T.V. because it was cheaper than making programmes.