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Potential ID Security Breach

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Potential ID Security Breach

We shred most documents etc, especially those containing name, address & other personal information.


I've just noticed a potential ID breach, which may possibly have impacted if a homeowner unwittingly placed the wrong items in one of the many wheelie bins provided for domestic waste.


You read of Council employees going through dumped waste to find any indication as to ownership.

Particularly where a home owner, or business has paid a third party to dispose of waste, and they have done so by just dumping ie fly tipping.


The breach, is very simple, but almost unnoticed.

We occasionally get home delivery by Tesco, and I've noticed that the carrier bags supplied have a small, but readable label on each bag, with personal details in a very small font !!


Giving name, with larger alpha's for delivery purposes.

Normally such bags would be re-used in household waste bins without a second thought, but obviously when disposed of in general rubbish, ID the originator.


We don't use third parties to dispose of our rubbish, but many do, especially in areas where the local council are not as thorough as ours.


So..... your rubbish can be traced by your recycling home delivery bags !!



Labels on plastic are a pain to dispose of, but I have found a method that works...


Cut out the offending label with a pair of scissors....

Stick a normal blank printer address label(s) over your details, both sides, this then can be cross cut shredded no problem, without plastic gumming up the shredder.


Particular culprits are weekly Radio Times on subscription, which come in a plastic wrapper, with personal details printed onto the wrapper.



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Re: Potential ID Security Breach

My thoughts are to minimize risk without paranoia. On a completely different tack I'd like to ask how much of a page with ID on do people shred? In my area the council is keen on paper recycling, so I tear off the ID only, shred that, recycle the rest.

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.