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Politicians? Bah!!!!

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Politicians? Bah!!!!

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Re: Politicians? Bah!!!!

It must be hard trying to replace them to stick to the bigger agenda, he might be fired soon if he can't remember his lines.

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Re: Politicians? Bah!!!!

Listening to Boris was a laughable shock. Hoe we could put in charge of Forein Office, or for Pete's sake think of him as the PM is the supreme mystery. He was absolutely incoherent.

Cabinet post is due him however. Newly created it could be Minister for FA.Roll_eyes

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Re: Politicians? Bah!!!!

I always confuse him with Boris Becker.

So I was surprised to find that he's not bankrupt.

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Re: Politicians? Bah!!!!

Annoying when you think what he is getting paid and the position he holds.

The vast majority of the general public could have waffled on far better than that, it seems more important to be able to present something correctly rather than having any intention of carrying it out or make it sound so flexible that it is meaningless.

We are born into history and history is born into us.
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Re: Politicians? Bah!!!!

Boris the buffoon is fine, at least he does not pretend to be anything other than what he is.

Anybody for a game of good old English wiff waff? Grin

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Re: Politicians? Bah!!!!

@Luzern wrote:

Newly created it could be Minister for FA.Roll_eyes


He could be the Minister for Drought, after all, the last one did SFA... Funny