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Policing the internet not ISPs job

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Policing the internet not ISPs job
One of the first times I've actually agreed with Dunstone.
Fairly brief article but it says pretty much what we've discussed on here before.
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Re: Policing the internet not ISPs job

I'm not very interested in downloading music.
I'm too busy reading perhaps controversial items, and hoping that some people might find the time to read them as well.
Anyway I like big band (Count Basie etc) and trad jazz.
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Re: Policing the internet not ISPs job

Likewise, Earl Bostik, Hump, Artie Shaw, and of course the Glenn Miller "group" of bands. All had "real" talented musicians, who knew how to play music, but most importantly, to play together, as one person. Wink
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Re: Policing the internet not ISPs job

Dunstone was on 5Live a bit ago and was shocked to find myself agreeing with him too  Smiley
Not sure how the BPI think they are going correctly identify people in the first place... but i'm sure that is a much had discussion.

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