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Pocket Battleship ? ? ? ?

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Pocket Battleship ? ? ? ?

Just seen that there is a "Pocket Battleship" at anchor off Gosport Fort Gillkicker, close to the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour....I didn`t know we had one, but it`s nice to know we have,  considering the West is paranoid about Russia, at the moment


pocket battleship.png

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Re: Pocket Battleship ? ? ? ?

I don't think the Russians will be losing too much sleep:

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Re: Pocket Battleship ? ? ? ?

While looking for the Battleship , i found a FULL PINT Cheesy

full pint.PNG

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Re: Pocket Battleship ? ? ? ?

I always thought 'pocket battleship' was a termed used for German ships with undersized guns. 

.... on second thoughts, perhaps I am missing one of your jokes. Smiley

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Re: Pocket Battleship ? ? ? ?

@Minivanman that's the definition I found with a quick Google search.
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