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Plusnet Peering

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Plusnet Peering

OK, Im not sure how well this will go down with PN, but here goes!
Looks like I may be moving to sheffield soon, and bringing my wifi-mesh kit with me, or purchasing new stuff. Ive got a few guys in Dundee who have said they will support the older network, so thats good!
But onto my question, how does anybody reckon plusnet would respond, if in the event that I did move down, and install the mesh network, by allowing peering onto their network, and possibly adding a new high speed, low latency product into their portfolio?
Its a longshot, I know, but if you dont ask, you dont get!
Failing that, will probably approach Entanet or someone for a fiber pipe!
Lemme know your thoughts on this, like I said, I have a feeling I know where this will go, but time will tell!
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Re: Plusnet Peering

Speak to Mr Wild, I would.
This is a project of his :-