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PlusNet business Wifi survey

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PlusNet business Wifi survey
For nearly a third of respondents [29%], regular access isn’t good enough, they have to be constantly connected and can’t even queue or take a short journey without entertaining themselves online. Well over a third [46%] of respondents in London admitted that they needed to be connected to the Internet all the time, to stop the boredom of having to queue.

I think that's rather sad, that so many people can't stand being left with their own thoughts and have to be constantly entertained by a box of electronics.
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Re: PlusNet business Wifi survey

It doesn't give any indication of ages (age ranges) surveyed...
That would be interesting to know.

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Re: PlusNet business Wifi survey

i used to carry a paperback in my back pocket for those boring waiting times.  quell difference?
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Re: PlusNet business Wifi survey

Get a Kindle !