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Anyone here use it for their car repairs?

The tin says its for unseizing sezing up nuts and bolts and usually works in seconds with a few drops but can take a few minutes. Well i've never had such luck and sure enough the damn stuff did nothing for me. So i absolutely drenched the bottom of the drop link and then left it a couple of days so it had plenty of time to sink into the threads. Did it work? Absolutely not - as usual.

So i rung them! Guy calls me back saying they've never heard of it not working but in some cases where the threads are so compressed and welded together, it simply won't have any effect - that must surely describe every old rusty nut and bolt out there on cars exceeding 10 years old. I paid nearly a tenner for the stuff a couple of years back but I bought a larger tin of WD40 for £2.50 from Tesco late one night. I feel a bit miffed that i paid nearly 4x as much for a product that basically has no effect. In the end the angle grinder came out..

So.. for anyone who has / does use Plusgas, whats your experience of it?


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Re: PlusGas

I remember the stuff..... seem to recall that it did work.... but only if you could manage to get some good hammer blows in both directions  (tighter and untighter) by knocking on the spanner after it had soaked a while...

Years and years ago... so memory is very faded... 


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Re: PlusGas

Many people in the MG community swear by it, although it has been weakened now it is aerosol. Plusgas is a penetrating fluid whereas 40 is a multitude of things, but not really a penetrant. Normal use in the community is to soak the item to be removed over the course of a few days before attempting to remove it.

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Re: PlusGas

Do they still make that? I remember that from my apprentice days. I remember we used it instead wd40 because it was pretty instant. If it didn't work after a few minutes it wasn't going to work. Whereas wd40 required a soak and didn't get into tight spots.

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Re: PlusGas

We used to get an excellent penetrative spray via work but modern health & safety concerns stopped it.

The newer version while still pretty decent isn't as good as the old version.