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Plausible Explanation!

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Plausible Explanation!

Seems to me the reason The PlusNet Fibre Service is a National Disgrace or is it Just Outside Greater London!

I would think when Sky decided to Stream its content instead of the dish Its saturated the Bandwidth, and due to that Multi Million Pound Contract BT has prioritised Sky over all other services - BT's satellite companies have had their bandwidth chopped!


But as per usual, nothing said, NO price Reduction and OFCOM are playing BT's Game!

Why has this Country opted for ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY!

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Re: Plausible Explanation!

Do you have any evidence for that assertion?

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Re: Plausible Explanation!

Given that Sky hates BT*, and makes things as difficult for them as possible when BT wants to show Sky Sports on the BT TV service, I can't imagine BT giving priority to Sky for anything.


*Because, before BT Sport came along, Sky pretty much had a monopoly on the paid sport TV market.  Now BT keeps buying the rights for stuff they wanted.