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Plastic joints

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Plastic joints

Copper pipe in the garage leading to a outside tap has split, which I assume is due to frost damage, odd really as it has not been as cold this year as some in the past. The same pipe (insulated) has been in place for over 20 years.

So replacing the pipe is fairly easy, I was looking at these plastic push fit joints which would make the job even easier but has anyone on the forum ever used one or have one or more used in their house or garage ?

Have had a look at a number of plumbing forums and there are a range of views from those who claim to be in the plumbing trade who say such things are the modern way forward to those who would not touch them, as there is little difference in price I am inclined to stick with the old system but would be interested in opinions on push fit connectors.

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Re: Plastic joints

Toss a coin time I afraid. Depends on what you are comfortable using. When I first moved in the house it had suffered a burst pipe and the repair was done using plastic pipe with plastic fittings. As the ceiling was still down I decided to replace the repair with copper. I thought the plastic fittings would be very easy to take off. No chance. Once on, they seem to be on for good. I ended up cutting the copper to remove the repair.

Me? I try to avoid compression / snap fit fittings of all kinds for joints. Blowlamp most of the time. Even Yorkshire fittings come cheap. Just look at the price of a Yorkshire straight fitting 36p (cheaper if bought in bulk) against a compression fitting at £1.70 against a push fit at about a £1. Cheapest is just plain copper fittings.

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Re: Plastic joints

Tried both and although no real issue with either m'self, a mate fitted those plastic pipes throughout a house he was renovating in France and I swear every one of the joints sprung a leak following a winter thaw when the house was still unoccupied and crikey, what a mess it made!

New floors, ceilings. partitions, you name it all ruined. Not a happy bunny either when he got his water bill.

Stick to copper and insulate where needed would be my advice. Looks neater, and does not tend to warp.  

Push fit? Sad

PS. Just to add that it was in part self inflicted as those plastic pipes my mate fitted were brought over from the UK. They are made thinner than the ones you can buy in France which are much thicker due to to fact that though generally warmer, their winters can be rather harsh to say the least - minus eighteen during my first one there - and that's not allowing for the wind chill factor! 

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Re: Plastic joints



This might make your mind-up: