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Pie Tasters Wanted.....

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Pie Tasters Wanted.....

Hollands Pies is looking for five official pie tasters




Hopefuls are asked to email 250 words or less to:


On certain occasions, panelists may be asked to test product at home, in which case delivery can be arranged as appropriate.


(We do that quite often !)


They are not as good as they used to be though.

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Re: Pie Tasters Wanted.....

You've just answered the age old question:  Who ate all the pies?

I took part in Post Office test postings briefly; they sent me something to post to a couple of addresses and let them know which pillar box I'd used and the date and time of posting.  I got something like 24 first class stamps for my troubles.  Then they said they had enough posters in my area.  A year or two later they contacted me regarding doing some more posting for them but I declined.  Apart from Christmas and birthdays I hardly ever use stamps.

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Re: Pie Tasters Wanted.....

We had a mixture of Hollands Pies for tea.

Definitely not a patch on what they used to taste like.

Even with home-made gravy.... and Chips... and Peas.


Nothing beats Cooks Pies !

And Cornish Pasties.