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Pick your favourite

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Re: Pick your favourite

no fries but ive got some bear scratchings for you
how many types of pork scratchings are they?
answer here
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Re: Pick your favourite

Fantastic site, you're really whet my appetite  Smiley

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Re: Pick your favourite

Nice to see Toad in the hole in there.
Like the idea of the Bacon Wrapped French Toast Sticks Stonehenge, wonder if it Wilts with the heat!!
Someone pass a celery stick...
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Re: Pick your favourite

My personal favourite is a Philly Cheesesteak (not on the list). I developed a taste for them some years ago. The only place to get them is in Philadelphia,( like Guinness and Dublin) It's all to do with the bread rolls they use. There are some famous places that sell them.
Geno's Pat's.
Nowadays I limit myself to one per trip, watching the waistline!
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Re: Pick your favourite

Ulster Fry looks good Smiley

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