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Phone beta testers wanted

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Phone beta testers wanted

I saw this article on The Register:
The guy is looking for elderly testers of a specific type of mobile phone, there are no numbers to dial you pick it up, press a button and get put through to an operator who has a list of names and numbers already supplied so, you pick it up and get through to the operator and say "can you call my son please?" and the operator checks which number is listed for "son" and connects the call, no phone book, no fiddling, perfect for people who want a mobile but can't get to grips with even the most basic of models.
Personally I don't need one and my mother has a Galaxy S2 so I don't really know anyone who this service would be any good to.  Naturally there are restrictions on the phone use and it'll only be usable during working hours (currently, should be 24/7 when the service goes up) but if you know anyone who could make use of a phone and service like this, the guy is looking for 50 testers and seems to be a good idea.
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Re: Phone beta testers wanted

Hardly a new idea though?  Such services have existed for some time.