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Phone Hacking

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Phone Hacking

Seems there is no limit that some reporters went to regarding hacking various peoples telephones.
Even if it was legal, which it was not, it seems they had no thoughts for the feelings of a number of ordinary people who had already suffered in some way and were then subject to more suffering by the press.
Many people in addition to those involved knew what was going on but kept quiet. Did they never stop to think how they would feel if it was either themselves or a family member who were subject to this treatment.
The actions of these people may have put in jeopardy the chance of a free press. 
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Re: Phone Hacking

I'm sure plenty of people had feelings against it but when you have aggressive bosses ordering you to do things or face the consequences you rarely have much choice. In that scenario they then take responsibility for your actions and thats how companies like NoTW come to their knees.
In short what goes around comes around. There is only so much annoyance you can cause people before they set their sights on bringing you down and the longer you go about it the larger the numbers who want your fall to happen.
I used to work for a national company with a bad attitude. They're known for winding people up and I doubt it will be long before they find themselves in legal trouble for some of their illegal practices.
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