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Phone Call "access" charges..

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Phone Call "access" charges..

So, what do these "access/connect" charges actually apply to ? 

As I understand it... if you have a phone number, you already have "access" to the phone network, and can make and receive calls... those calls that you make are charged "per second"... or whatever... and there are no "operators" to "connect"  your call, it is all done electronically..


Isn`t this just another BT ( and other companies..( pn included) jump on the bandwagon) supe con....


In other words.... IT STINKS.... just like those "bankers"  who thought ...aha... lets get some money out of people, for doing nothing....  


called  Payment Protection insurance....


access/connection charges are exactly the same... and I t hink it`s about time that OFCOM did something about it...





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Re: Phone Call "access" charges..

Yep, also known as having us all by the short and curlies.

Standby for comments along the lines of "you don't have to......"

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Re: Phone Call "access" charges..

Watch out for 070 numbers too. They're not mobiles but "Follow me" numbers that cost 50p per minute. Ofcom forbids people from making profit from these numbers except the service provider who provides the number and call forwarding. Naturally it doesn't take long to find providers who are willing to share their takings with customers.

Don't use they're running a tidy little scam that ofcom and phonepayplus don't want to shut down. You search for parts and mysteriously comes up with the car you want parts from right in your home town! Clearly using IP address geographical information. They then provide you (yup, you guessed it) with an 070 number.

I tracked down the scrap yard that own the number (hard work but i got there) and when I asked them to refund my money they denied owning the site.. until i confronted them with my findings and then they just hung up. They cost me £2. I would call them a rotten name but I fear that one of the mods will remove the insult.

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