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Petrol pumps and disposable gloves

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Petrol pumps and disposable gloves

You can't use a mobile phone near a petrol pump.

You can use a RF key fob right next to it to lock / unlock your car - which like a phone, transmits a RF signal.

You can even have your phone on in your pocket with the data enabled, downloading files or uploading them - and because the attendants can't see it in use, it's all okay... and nothing goes bang.


So should i be worried when using their disposable gloves when i find it's completely full of static electricity (which can spark) and i'm handling a petrol nozzle with the glove on?

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Re: Petrol pumps and disposable gloves

Do you attach an earth strap to ground your car to remove any static electricity before approaching with the petrol pump filler handle?

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Re: Petrol pumps and disposable gloves

So where is this mystery garage that supplies gloves at petrol pumps?

Not around here that's for sure.

Anyway, I thought they were for diesel fuel only as that stuff was far more carcinogenic than petrol and of course, just about impossible to ignite from any spark. 

I'd not worry about it m'self but if you are, then a pair of 'cheap as chips' anti-static ones kept in the glove compartment should keep you from igniting yourself and others on the forecourt.

Happens all the time y'know. 😉

PS. Spooky sign of the times.

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Re: Petrol pumps and disposable gloves

Given many petrol stations have pay at pump, and/or payment app solutions these days RF is clearly not an issue


And i seem to recall Adam Savage and co proving it on Mythbusters years ago....