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Petrol & Diesel Prices

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Re: Petrol & Diesel Prices

Quote from: Sprite
what more could I need?  Wink

Exactly, if you can make and recieve calls (and text messages for those who use such things) then you have what you need.  A camera can be handy at times but not essential if you actually have a camera, most of the rest of the smart-phone' thing is image and status.  I currently use a fairly basic 'tough-phone' which is approppriate for my occasional working on site in all weather conditions, it works far better with my cars hands-free than a smart phone I borrowed for a while when a previous mobile died from a small splash of water (hence choosing the tough phone as a practical and worthwhile replacement).
I still think Diesel is over-priced though Tongue
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Re: Petrol & Diesel Prices

Yeah but at least you get more miles out of it.
Try using unleaded... sure.. a few pence cheaper but look how many less miles you'll get for it.
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