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Peter Vaughn has died

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Peter Vaughn has died

Petter Vaughn, who played the "Genial" Harry Grout in Porridge, has died aged 93.

But in a career lasting seven decades he became an ever-present figure on stage, screen and television.

He cut his teeth in the theatre where he specialised in police officers, secret agents and excelled in roles as the menacing villain.

But he gained a wider audience with his TV roles, notably in the sitcoms Porridge and Citizen Smith and drama series Our Friends in the North.

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Re: Peter Vaughn has died

Out of the 20 TV episodes of Porridge he only appeared in three episodes and the film. Says a lot for his acting that he is remembered as one of the principle characters.

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Re: Peter Vaughn has died

He was a great actor. Lived to a good age. RIP.

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Re: Peter Vaughn has died

Not a bad run that's for sure, but a "great" actor?

Superb as the menacing Harry Grout though and in Citizen Smith which were the only two I could bring him to mind even though he appeared in so much else.   

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