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Personal Locator Beacons

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Personal Locator Beacons

Personal Locator Beacons have been legal to use on Land in the UK for the last few years.
Fairly expensive to purchase but an essential item for anyone who walks alone, goes rock climbing or similar activities where a phone signal might not be available.
It's ironic to think that you might get admitted to hospital and get treatment faster if you had an accident where a MRT (Mountain Rescue Team) were called out to get you compared to some people who, following a 999 call have had to wait hours for an Ambulance to turn up and then waited hours longer on a hospital trolley before getting treatment.
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Re: Personal Locator Beacons

They should make the casing from magnesium so you can use it as a flare when the batteries die.
Now Zen, but a +Net residue.