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People who live in "cloud cuckoo" land.......

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People who live in "cloud cuckoo" land.......

Just heard a story on our local "meridian" (south of England) news......
A housing association, has sent a letter to residents of one of their blocks of flats, telling them they will have to demolish  the Greenhouse, that they use communally ..... it was paid for by local collections, and provides the residents with somewhere to grow their own fresh veg, etc.,,,,... ( it appears the residents are all of retirement age).....
it is situated in the back of the building, away from the main block of flats, yet in a convenient corner..... fits into the ground/landscape very well, BUT
the housing association want it "demolished", because of health and safety worries, that ..............."someone might fall off the roof of the greenhouse"....  Grin Grin Grin   and therefore, as it is on housing association land, they think they will be liable to be sued!! ! ! ! !
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Re: People who live in "cloud cuckoo" land.......

thats a bit of an old story, they have taken it to apeal, probably saw it on BBC News over a week ago