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Pathetic scam attempt

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Pathetic scam attempt

Yeah, I know,... there are a lot of scams going around, fortunately, I am not normally targetted, and so when I do get one, it is "something of note" so to speak  ! ! ! ...


Recently, I posted, what I thought was a quite "sophisticated" scam attempt of a spoof PayPal... but this one goes to the opposite extreme.....


The "subject matter" was      " We need your help"  


and it was from...





Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for shopping with us. We'd like to let you know that We need to confirm 
your account information, you must confirm your amazon account before we close it.
Click the link below to confirm your account information using our secure server

Click here ( linky removed )
and follow the steps to confirm your account. Best regards, Customer Support Service.



I think I bought one item on Amazon, about 4 years ago... and I am considered " Valued Customer" .... yer rite ! ! ...



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Re: Pathetic scam attempt

Most of us have seen this kinda thing repeatedly over the years.

Why the hell people continue to fall for it is beyond me.

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Re: Pathetic scam attempt

I've been asked if the Nokia 3310 I was selling has 3G so it's not a mystery to me.