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Passchendaele and beyond.

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Passchendaele and beyond.

"We must not see Passchendaele through the fog of a belief in a false idea of heroism. We must record the lesson"

Wise words from Paul Flynn MP on this the saddest of days when I think of two great uncles of mine who fell and never returned.

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Re: Passchendaele and beyond.

@Minivanman We don't regret having visited " Wipers" in 2000 - definitely something eerie about the place and SWMBO wouldn't get out of the car at Menin arch.

Back in 1954/55 I was stationed at REME workshop in Colchester and worked with civvies in the instrument repair section. One had lost a leg at Flanders and had tin replacement and another had been gassed. Neither talked about it much.

Best not mention Roy James who also worked there and made my mum a broach.