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Pass the sick bag please!

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Pass the sick bag please!

Yesterday, an Air Astana cargo flight from Lisbon found itself uncontrollable and jiggled about the sky for 90 minutes before suddenly regaining some limited control. Landed at Beja in Portugal with Portugese Military F-16s in attendance on his wingtips. Interesting flight path..




Speed & altitude..Astana2.jpg



The pilot sounded distinctly worried for a while. Good job he wore brown trousers that day! He landed ok after two attempts, third time lucky.



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Re: Pass the sick bag please!

Perhaps it was "fear of flying" which seems to be the "in" thing for aircrew these days.

Listening briefly to an article on radio this morning, distressingly, its more common than you might think.

Sick bag nothing, I'm packing a parachute.

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