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Panasonic Registration and email Website pages…Fail. Romanian Customer Services

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Panasonic Registration and email Website pages…Fail. Romanian Customer Services

Panasonic Digital Camera Registration and email Website pages…Fail.
Romanian Customer Services !

Trying to register a new Lumix Digital Camera on the Panasonic Website… nightmare.
After completing a long and comprehensive webform, I tried to send the details to Panasonic, still “sending” 5 hours later !!
That was with Mac OSX 10.9.2 and Firefox.
I had completed the form again, this time using Chrome… still sending 5 hours later !!
Eventually Chrome did send.
Never had this problem with any webform before, nor on the day, I did check with another company.
Reply was from
with the text of if you receive this Email by mistake, please advise the sender by using the reply facility in your Email software and then delete it.

I found this page of information on the Panasonic Website…

We have noted that some customers have been unable to register their purchase because the 'Add product' option has not been selected. On the second page of registration, entitled 'Information about your product', once you have finished entering the details of the product you wish to register, please select 'Add product'. The screen will refresh, and the details will appear under the heading 'Products that you are registering'. If you wish to do so at this stage, please enter in details of any other products you have purchased. Then select 'Continue'.
There are three further pages of optional questions before the final page, where there is a review of the product(s) you have registered. If the information is accurate, please select 'Finish'.
Please also note that the registration page may not work correctly with some browsers. Please use either Internet Explorer or Firefox.
If you are still unable to register your item and wish to do so, please contact us with the following details:
    Date and place of purchase
    Model and serial number of your product
    Full name, address and postcode

So, I attempt to use the “contact us” webform, again, not sent !!
Firefox & Chrome, all re-typed in.
Panasonic do not supply a normal email address, I did find one on the Internet though.
So I sent details via normal email.
Whilst waiting a response, when their customer services opened at 9am, I rang Panasonic,  (0844 number) SayNoTo0870…. gave me 01344 862 444.
All automated, I went through 5 menus and sub menus, and was eventually answered by an “English speaking” Customer Service Operator.
During a 20 minute phone call to register the Lumix, as he completed each registration, I received an immediate email.
Addressed to a name vaguely like mine. And with totally the wrong camera model !!
I said my information was incorrect, so we went through the whole process again, three more times, spelling each name using the
NATO Phonetic Alphabet….
Which I know from past experience, and often use with foreign CS
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc
Each time a different variant of totally the wrong spelling of Forename and Surname came back.
I asked him which country he was speaking from…..
Romania !
And his "name" was DAVE !!
In the end we gave up, he emailed me a request to forward the registration information, which I did, at last an official Panasonic email address.
The clue is in the
So, for a company as large as Panasonic to not have compatible webpages with all browsers, with an acknowledgement of the same on their site !!, and to outsource Customer Service to a foreign country, not native English speaking, and with no idea of how English / British names are spelt, is a total FAIL.
I then get an email stating…..
I would also like to explain, that due to changes in consumer legislation, the product registration is used purely for market research purposes, and you are not required to register your product to validate the warranty.

So in effect, a total waste of time !!
Nearly, I did have a nice drive around for some of the 5 hours !!
(As per other posting !)
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Posts: 6,202
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Fixes: 3
Registered: ‎19-06-2011

Re: Panasonic Registration and email Website pages…Fail. Romanian Customer Services

Just received this email from Panasonic UK
Dear xxxxx,
Firstly, please accept my apology at the service you have received from our Customer Communications Team.
We place an extremely high emphasis on customer support representatives training, to ensure that the level of service our customers experience, exceeds their expectations.
I am sorry to hear that in this instance the service you have received has not been ideal.
I thank you for bringing this to our attention and please let me reassure you that we are taking preventative steps to ensure there is not a repetition of the service you have experienced.
Once again, I am sorry for the problems you have had with the registration of your product and I will certainly pass your feedback to our quality department.
Best Regards,
Customer Service
Panasonic UK

In my opinion, the decision of Panasonic to outsource direct contact Customer Service to a non-UK company and staff, presumably to save money, is a bad decision.
The lack of an actual email contact address on their website is also a bad decision.
Coupled with non compatibility of web browsers / OS's
I wonder what the preventative steps to ensure there is not a repetition of the service could possibly be !!