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Pagers to cease?

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Pagers to cease?

After the intervention of the Competition and Mergers Authority Vodafone is pulling out of the pager business in the UK, leaving Capita as the sole supplier. An unintended consequence!

The pager tone still makes my pulse rate change after years of 24 hours on-call support responsibility, but they were always more effective than mobile phone in terms of "reach".  The tone will mean nothing to my grandkids.

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Re: Pagers to cease?

I used to be at the end of one of those as well and they always made me jump.

As a service engineer covering Wales there were plenty of 'black spots' in the wild and wooly central areas where the office could not reach me because there was no coverage. Great for me but not for them of course and as BT told us at the time, "it ain't cheap to bleep sheep!"

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