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Oxford-Astra Zeneca

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Re: Oxford-Astra Zeneca

No if you had AZ as your first dose you will be given it as your second dose as well.

If you watched the announcements from both our regulation authority and also the EU the risk is extremely small of blood clots. Around 40 million doses of AZ have been given and 9 deaths. They are looking to see if any common factors exist with the 9 deaths which could explain the situation.


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Re: Oxford-Astra Zeneca

@artmo Thanks for that - I do wish people would read/watch/listen to official announcements instead of 'Tina on Twitter'😀

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Re: Oxford-Astra Zeneca

Well we'll find out soon enough if females under 30 (the 'higher risk' group) who have already had the Astra Zenica will at least be offered and alternative. The risk is extremely low even then and akin one specialist/expert was saying this morning to taking and aspirin. The anti-vax brigade will of course be all over like a rash this on their twitter turf. 

Mixing medicines of any type is a no-no unless you know what the contraindications are. I know from past examples that mixing ten pints with a kebab afterwards used to give me a bad head the following mornings. 😄


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Re: Oxford-Astra Zeneca

I read the other day said you were 37 times more likely to have the same type of blood clot by taking the contraceptive pill and millions of women do. However if they can offer a different vaccine to under 30s then so be it. At least the powers that be can't be accused of ignoring the potential risks.


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Re: Oxford-Astra Zeneca


This underpins the decision to stop offering the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to those under 30.