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`Ow Much ?

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`Ow Much ?

Went into local tesco today, for my weekly supply of TREBOR ( thats Robert spelt backwards ) ..Extra Strong Mints


hmm.... just had another thought.... that Zimbabwe guy, who lost his job last week, came from Yokshu, didnt he... his name  ? ? ? Trebor Mugabe   or in real english Robert Ebagum.... !


I digress...  Back in Tesco.... Extra strong mints..... 60 p per single roll pack... a note on the shelf says buy 3 for £1.20...  so.... are they really 60p each....or are they 40 p each? ? ?


(in £ s d.....  12/- or 8/-   ( that`s 12 bob a roll, or 8 bob a roll)   )


Meanwhile......... on another shelf about 10 feet away ( 3 metres for the forreners ). there is the Multipack, which I normally buy, at 4 pack for £1.30 ... ( they were £1.25 last week )...   which makes a single pack. 32.5 pence.( that`s 6/5d or six shillings and fivepence )


so ... Ow much  ? ?   60p  40p or 32.5p  ? ? (   £.s.d.    12/-     8/-    or 6/5d  )



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Re: `Ow Much ?

@shutter The canny Yorkie in me always goes for multi-packs (when available), cos they usually work out cheaper.

Only problem comes when you REALLY only need/want one, but I suppose you could find someone else to give or SELL the others to.

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Re: `Ow Much ?

Morrisons last week, box 240 yorkshire tea bags £ 3.50. box 480 yorkshire tea bags £ 8

I wonder if some people actually pay the £8 for 480 rather than 2 boxes of 240.

Like others I have seen plenty of examples like this.

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Re: `Ow Much ?

Sue, rly that's too much Math for a Saturday @shutter

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Re: `Ow Much ?

@gleneagles have you noticed the same at morrisons with butter ?  where its cheaper to buy 2x 250g tubs rather than special offer 500g tubs Crazy2

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Re: `Ow Much ?

These sorts of dodgy deals have been going on for years, they prey upon those who believe the "Buy in bulk and save money" thing (I do too, but only when I actually check the price to make sure they're not diddling me out of my money!), just got to pay attention to the price per item/100g/100ml/KG/etc., otherwise you could be paying for their christmas bonuses without even knowing it...Grin

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Re: `Ow Much ?

Sometimes, when M&Ms are on special offer, it's better value to buy the smaller bags but you've got to do the maths yourself because the price per 100g on the shelf label is usually based on the full price.

It's impossible to compare the price of the two most famous brands of mayonnaise since one gives the weight and the other gives the volume.  With oil being lighter than water one millilitre doesn't equal one gram.