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Origin Broadband

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Origin Broadband

Has anyone had dealings with Origin Broadband

A friend has recommended  them to me and for £154.99 a year upfront that's only £12.92 a month plus £3.49 for evening and weekend calls.

The postage on the hub is free its too good to be true.

i have call them and was answered straight away.

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Re: Origin Broadband

I emailed them and was answered in an hour as well.
Their charge for called ID was high when I looked at them last year. I was very tempted but got a deal to stay here.
Just checked "Caller Display is charged at £1.75 per month." So 76p dearer than PN.
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Re: Origin Broadband

An astounding good price.

Definitely noted for possible future use.

How near future depends on plusnet steering away from the rocks they are currently heading for.


Interesting that their cheapest fibre is the usual up to 38Mbps download but up to 10Mbps upload.

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Re: Origin Broadband

I have seen some negative   comments

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.
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Re: Origin Broadband

Yes I have seen mixed reviews , but it's nice to see they advertising upload speeds up front 👍
And 40/10 not the meager 40/2 .
Plusnet could learn a lot from looking at their web page !
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Re: Origin Broadband

The problem with negative reviews is that most people who are happy don't post.
I moved to Iresa energy back in May, not had any issues, and am getting interest on my money with them, but there was loads of negative reviews when I moved, I did so on the understanding I could move again easily and for free.
Don't know what the terms are like with Origin but as I say I was tempted last year, but their current pay a year up front is not for me.