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Openreach Tools.

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Re: Openreach Tools.

I've used wooden plugs as well with good success. TBH, a lot of the trouble people have with fibre and plastic plugs is they drill the wrong sized hole, and / or use the wrong sized screw in it.


And I'm a sort of belt and braces bloke, If it looks as if it wants an 1 1/2" No 8, I'll use a 2" No 10 if possible. I've not had anything fall off the wall. . . Now what were those horrible multiple crashing sounds I just heard! Shocked


If you've used expanding anchors and the material you're fixing into is decent, you'll have no trouble I reckon.

That's how I'd do it for a big telly. 

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Re: Openreach Tools.

I remember the Hilti cartridge guns ( DX 450 mostly ) at the tool hire shop I worked in as we required Hilti training to service them.


They used to come back from hire 9 times out of 10 with the recoil stop ring inside knackered as the hirer had unnecessarily turned the gun up to max.


We also got a lot of locals bringing in there burnt out DIY spec drill after trying to drill holes in engineering brick.


So you would sell them a brand new Hilti SDS bit of the correct size & hire them a Hilti TE25 in 240 voltage ( a smart move by the boss getting a couple of them in 240 volt ) they would be back very quickly happy they had now managed to drill the holes required.