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Oops Sainsburys

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Oops Sainsburys

My wife ordered a home delivery from sainsburys and wanted some bananas so ticked the box for one and we received one banana!! the driver told my wife some one he had just delivered to had wanted a pack of brussel sprouts and done the same and received one brussel sprout..have they no sense🤣🤣

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Re: Oops Sainsburys

One banana I could understand, but one Brussels sprout? !!! Roll_eyes 

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Re: Oops Sainsburys

We use Sainsburys delivery regularly. For things like bananas you can either specify the number you want or the approx weight in kg. Although they still struggled on the last delivery, we ordered 3 and got 4!

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Re: Oops Sainsburys

Back in the early 60s when I started as an apprentice for an electronics company everything portable was wired in some peculiar rubber insulated 3 core cable. There were rolls of the stuff everywhere. I eventually heard the story.

When the company first started the Technical Director was buying a lot of government surplus electronic components left over from WW2. I think that the company was started based on the availability of these cheap components. Amongst this was said cable. The Director saw that it was cheap and thought that he had bought 10 rolls. Those who were there and witnessed the scene described the scratching of heads when a truck loaded with 10 tons of the stuff with no returns accepted rolled up.

So it can go wrong the other way too!

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Re: Oops Sainsburys

FWIW - Sainsburys internal computer system still thinks its Christmas.

Im sick of seeing the Food is Home, Home is Christmas screen saver on a loop.

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Re: Oops Sainsburys


I once phoned a company from overseas to enquire how much their English to French mains adapter plugs would be if a placed a bulk order and was told something like £2 each if I ordered them in boxes of 20.

"Fine" I said to what sounded like a young lad on the other end of the phone, "I'd like to order 500 if I may". 

The following week my Mrs said "those plugs you ordered have arrived - but I think somebody has made a mistake?". Checked the surprisingly large boxes that were sat in the store room... and found they had sent 5000 and only invoiced for the 500. Never did run out them and finished up giving them to my expat customers over and above the one that I was fitting with the units I was supplying.

I did let them know but they said it was cheaper for them to take the loss rather that arrange for them to be collected.  



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