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Online Photo prints

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Online Photo prints

I dont know if anyone has ever used a online printing service .

Well my first try DONT USE ALDI Photo Angry  ok yes they cheapest delivery £1.99 as opposed to £2.50 average actual prints are the same price as most .

On the 4th i orderd 10 prints 5x7 and one 12x8 simple i thought ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  how wrong Sad  their web page says 2 days to process the prints than 5 - 7 days delivery , eventually after several phone calls i get a Email to say dispatched 11th Thumbs_Up to a delivery center called 13ten , tracking says awaiting  code since 11th ?Huh

i rang 13ten they explain tracking actually has not recived a parcel yet , Huh so it cant be sent from them to courier to be deliverd Sad  maybe 3 more days .

so i rang Aldi photo again , What he told me was the Printing is done in Germany !! and sent to UK on the 11th Shocked

even thought their web page is addresed in swindon , no mention of germany , he said he would Email the printers to find out what has gone wrong ,, 48 hours to get a reply to his email Shocked


well i dont think i will be using Aldi photo again     its a No No

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Re: Online Photo prints

My better half gets loads of prints and always uses Vistaprint without problems

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Re: Online Photo prints

Snapfish, used for years never had a problem.

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Re: Online Photo prints

Depending on where you live, I had to
get a large photo printed. Uploaded on-line and could collect in person next day from Boots. It was around £2.50, but no good if there isn't one around.
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Re: Online Photo prints

I use my colour laser printer with appropriate paper, then cut it out myself, and then wonder why anyone would pay more than a penny per sheet of paper for prints... Funny

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Re: Online Photo prints

I always print my own, but do use Boots if I need a print bigger than A4

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Re: Online Photo prints

I don't use outside photo labs myself as I rarely need to print a photo, but a semi-professional photographer I know uses Photobox - he sends 150-200 to them at a time, and pays something around 12-14p (from memory) per print, with a turn round time of 3-days. Very rarely has a problem, but if he does, he gets an almost instant resolution.

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Re: Online Photo prints



Ditto. Thumbs_Up

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