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One of the terrorist tacklers

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One of the terrorist tacklers

What  one of the people, who tackled the LB killer? Does the fact that he had murdered disqualify him from being a hero, make him a pariah for eternity, or is the proper attitude, that he murdered and yesterday he was a hero; both events just happening, as discrete incidents in his existence?






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Re: One of the terrorist tacklers

Not to worry, if Jezza had been around we'd all sleep safer in our beds and be safer on our streets.

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Re: One of the terrorist tacklers

@Luzern, From the ITV evening news just now I understand that the terrorist and some of those who tried to stop him were attending a conference on prisoner rehabilitation; it would therefore not be too surprising that someone who tried to stop the attack would have a less than clean record.  I doubt the 'hero' had time to think too long about what he would do in this instance.  Would you refuse to be saved by someone because they had a criminal record?

One of the victims is described as a Cambridge graduate as if that is important.  I suppose it makes a change from grandmother/father, or that he was destined to become a famous (note not any old) architect, philanthropist etc.


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Re: One of the terrorist tacklers

It's a shame it gets reported like this. Especially if it makes any ex jailbirds have second thoughts.

Then we would probably end up with headlines like.........

Ex crim fails to help woman in distress.