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One of the finest

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One of the finest

Sad to learn about the death of Brian Walden one of the finest interviewers of his generation in my humble opinion. 

Who do we have left that can winkle out those unguarded answers from political leaders the way he used to. Very few if any that's for sure. 

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Re: One of the finest

He never let his 'victims'  get away with not answering the question; his years as an MP had probably prepared him well for their evasiveness.  "I must pwess you on this" was one of his often used phrases, and he did until the squirming politician came up with the goods.

His weekend political programme was certainly one of the best of its kind in my lifetime. RIP

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Re: One of the finest

Aye, they don't make 'em like they used to.

I wonder how Theresa would have fared witrh him?

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