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One for Thomas

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One for Thomas

Thomas (and everyone else of course).
I was just thinking about your thread about emails, and then something occurred to me.
We capitliase the first letter of the word that comes after a full stop, but not after a comma, expect in the obvious examples (I, places, etc).
Why do we capaitalise the first letter in the word after "Dear Person,"?
Is it because the salutation creates a new paragraph, which follows the same rule as a new sentence, even though a full stop isn't being used.
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Re: One for Thomas

I don't know what the 'official' answer is, but that sounds about right. It puts me in mind of the rule for quotation marks over multiple paragraphs, whereby you begin each paragraph with an opening quotation mark but only furnish the final paragraph with a closing mark - which is vaguely related to what you were discussing, in the fact that each paragraph has to begin 'properly' irrespective of how the previous one was closed. (Does that make sense? I can't quite articulate what I mean...)