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On-Line Surveys ????

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On-Line Surveys ????

I have quite a bit of spare time, nowadays, when I just "prat about" on the computer, doing nothing really worthwhile, (like watching music videos .. etc.,).. so I am thinking about doing on line surveys, or something, ... I have no idea what this is about, except from a couple of sites I found, giving out basic "come and join us - get rich quick" type hype.!..

so.. as always, I put the question to the forum to find out, if they are worth the effort,... and if anyone has recommendations as to which site(s) are best to sign up much you get for the survey... how many do you have to do.. etc etc...


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Re: On-Line Surveys ????

I've done YouGov surveys for a few years. I like some of their topics and quite often see the surveys I have done referred to in newspapers and on TV.


You will not get rich completing surveys - at least not the YouGov ones. For each completed survey you get between 20 and 50 points. Get 5000 points and you get £50  so it takes a long time.


I have also completed surveys for in the past. They work the same way as YouGov but were boring and lengthy. I also found them very intrusive in some of the personal information they asked for. I never gave them correct personal details so their surveys I completed were never reliable to their end users.