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Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

It's getting to the point where we will have to create a new disposable ( Hotmail ? ) email address for every online transaction.
And as mentioned before, I include an extra middle name letter relating to the company, never give my true d.o.b., nor real phone number, unless I have to, usually for trusted financial companies.
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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

think i'd be pretty pee'd too. glad I haven't bought anything from them for a while..

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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

I use the catch all and give them email addresses john01@... john02@... etc (I'm up in to the 40's now). I then I have a text file where I keep a record of who I used each email address with.
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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

Think I mentioned it before...
I use things like
Edit: Actually, I just remembered I had two emails from a company (possibly Reevoo) regarding two recent purchases from different companies. Didn't give it a second thought till now.

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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

I've never bought from Scan, never heard of them and doubt I'll ever use them. I do find it shocking that they're so careless with peoples details though and sending out unsolicited email.
Yahoo are pretty good, I can have upto 500 disposable email addresses (i think I have around 60 in use at the moment) so I can use one per service and when I start getting spam I either grumble at them or just delete the address.
I just wish yahoo introduced it earlier.. I still get TONS of spam to my primary address which has been on many mailing lists for over 12 years. Then of course there is the small issue that yahoo unofficially allow certain bits of spam to get through and were once proved to be doing it on purpose  Crazy
Still, can't complain too much, most spam goes to the spam folder and the disposables has seen the amount of spam drop dramatically as I no longer give out my primary address, the amount of spam that does get through is less than the postie delivers and afterall that.. it's FREE!
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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

oh dear I was just today, planning on ordering a few bits from SCAN. Not any more.
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Re: Oh dear - Scan have upset a few customers here

Quote from Scans Retail Sales Manager
we have granted then access to our data to send the email and that is it.

My bold.
The problem seems to be that Scans customers don't think it's Scans data to share.
I've never used Scan and am unlikely to but not because of this because the practice is very common.

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