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Oh Dear..... not looking good for Big Lizzie

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Oh Dear..... not looking good for Big Lizzie

An American F35 jet, on a training mission from an airbase in Japan, has disappeared of radar, and crashed into the sea.... A tail section has been found....  BUT.. not the plane, or the pilot.

Scroll down the report a bit, and there is a long list of "failings"  that counteract the high level of praise, the U.K. Forces ministers have been feeding to the press, about the F35 which is the primary aircraft for Big Lizzie...

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Re: Oh Dear..... not looking good for Big Lizzie


The F-35 is disappointing in many ways, the main one maybe its very small capacity for carrying weapons ( dohhh it is a multi-role aircraft ) - Lockheed Martin have belatedly increased its missile load to a massive 6, many of its competitors carry more than double that.  As for replacing the Tornado and Harrier, who thinks that is possible.  The US Navy initially refused to buy the F-35 because of its single engine,  but were over-ruled and probably still smarting about a carrier aircraft with a single powerplant and very limited weapons capability - everything a weapon of war needs has been sacrificed for stealth. The Fairchild A10 is more useful in todays world of close support / ground fighting.


For governments to settle on F-35 as their main aircraft is folly.

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Re: Oh Dear..... not looking good for Big Lizzie

Sometimes what the military needs is not what these large corporations (with the help of certain politcians) want to sell them. Backroom backpocket bungs? Now wouldn't that be a surprise. Wink

What happened to that axiom "more bangs for your bucks"?

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