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Off to a good start...

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Off to a good start...

Although it been a measure of motor reviews almost since the first automobiles were made, can anybody tell me why the 0 to 60 time is so important?

Leaving aside track days and other such non public road events, when was the last time you were able to get to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds (as one supercar has recently been quoted) on a public road and not be buried in the back of the preceeding bus or attracting the attentions of Mr Plod.

Its only my opinion of course but, I would have thought the overtaking time; say between 40 and 70 would be far more relevant as a measure of a cars performance and real life. Many years ago I think Autocar magazine did actually road test cars at various bracket speeds. I don't know if they still do though... is Autocar still around?

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Re: Off to a good start...

it's simply a measure of performance that most people understand.
no different to displaying the bhp.

both are mostly meaningless to the vast majority of drivers.
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Re: Off to a good start...

I guess because it harked back to a time of proper reviews that gave people the facts they wanted.

The 0-60 time gave a good idea of the power to weight ratio. The same reviews also used to give real live world miles per gallon instead of just regurgitating the manufacturers lab results. And as you say they used to give something like 30-50 or 50-70 times in various gears which gave a good idea of the engines torque,

Now all we generally get is how pretty it is and the amount of fumes it puts out, whether it can park itself, how big the gps screen is, and how many cup holders it has.

In many publications the top speed and 0-60 is given almost as a politically incorrect after thought, something to be ashamed of, if it even appears at all.

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Re: Off to a good start...

It's an indicator as to how quickly you can get away from the bank to pay for your next fast getaway car Cheesy

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