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Ofcoms new "state of UK Broadband" map

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Ofcoms new "state of UK Broadband" map

Available <a href="">here</a>
My area is bad (5th out of 5)
Scottish Borders
Average sync speed (Mbit/s): 5.9
Percentage getting less than 2Mbit/s: 14.7%
Superfast broadband availability: 0%
Broadband take up: 63%

Not the worst but bad enough.
Don't you just love the "Superfast broadband availability: 0%" even though we have 63% uptake, and of course the (nearly) 15% of people who get less than 2Mb.
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Re: Ofcoms new "state of UK Broadband" map

Where does Ofcom get their figures from? They have Suffolk County at 29% for SuperFast broadband availability. Suffolk has only a few exchanges that have fibre and I would be surprised if they cover more than 5% of the population of Suffolk.