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Ofcom 2018 Study

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Ofcom 2018 Study

the average download rate has risen from 36.2Mbps last year to 46.2Mbps now, while uploads hit 6.2Mbps (up from 4.3Mbps). Sadly the gap between urban and rural areas persists.

Some interesting reading there Thumbs_Up  but this was special " Providers will from March 2019 be given just 1 month to resolve the problem and if they fail to do so then customers can walk away penalty-free "  Cool

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Re: Ofcom 2018 Study

But what % of problems lie entirely at the ISP's door, especially if they are resellers of a BTw product?

Yes, walk away without penalty, but where to? I also wonder, whether rule of unintended consequences might come in to play.

rather than spend on case that looks if it could be problematic and costly, get shot of it! 

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Re: Ofcom 2018 Study

@Luzern You have said just what I was thinking. Unless the fault is within the ISPs network, or equipment they have supplied, the fault will follow you to your next supplier, and you'll have to start explaining the problem all over again.

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Re: Ofcom 2018 Study

Indeed, like refusing to eat at the only cafe in town but not to worry, you'll get your money back if that cheese sandwich you ordered is late arriving. Wink

It's a move in the right direction but with little room for improvement - and why wait until 2019?

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